Our mission at Matrix Home Health Care Specialists is to provide the highest professional quality nursing care managementhome health care, health care advocacy, and residential care services to disabled persons and older adults.

Our services will be designed to promote mental and physical well-being, personal dignity, autonomy and independence. Our emphasis is on innovation and leadership, ensuring provision of compassionate care that recognizes the inherent value and worth of every client in the context of family and community.

Our Philosophy

Every member of the human family has a number of needs which must be met to attain the highest quality of life. Over the course of a lifetime, an individual’s ability to meet each of these needs independently varies considerably. Matrix Home Health Care Specialists exists to assist persons who are experiencing acute or chronic impairment in meeting their basic human needs. Matrix Home Health Care Specialists Managers also appropriately support and assist next of kin in a family-centered approach to care.

By actively serving the client as an advocate, the Matrix nurse Care Manager ensures that the client’s ‘voice’ is heard throughout the assessment and care planning process. A comprehensive assessment identifies areas of strength as well as impairment to maximize the client’s well-being and independence.

The Matrix Care Manager will assist out client in appropriate decision-making and in considering choices by fostering their personal dignity. Through respectful and honest communication, the nurse Care Manager develops a therapeutic relationship with each client.

This integrated approach allows the client to experience trust and compassion, and facilitates their positive completion of what renowned psychologist Erik Erickson described as the eighth stage of human development -“Integrity vs. Despair.”