As part of Matrix’s Quality Assurance program evaluations are sent out periodically to people who use our home care and care management services. On our forms there is blank space to welcome comments from customers. People are asked if we may add their comments to our website with or without their names. Below are some of these comments: 

Matrix personnel are professional, compassionate, available and I recommend highly for persons and family in need of elder care. (Virginia Juffer, Daughter)

[My nurse] was an excellent nurse. She was an excellent advocate for me, an excellent communicator and commander. All of the aides were excellent also.  Each of them saw things to be done and attended to them promptly and efficiently. I had, had a previous poor experience with health aides and all who cared for me were a pleasant surprise. [My nurse] has a pleasing personality and gets things done.   (Audrey Coulter, Client)  

My family and I are extremely pleased with the care and professionalism of all of the people at Matrix working with my father. We value their opinions and recommendations. (Son of client)

[My nurse] does a great job with my dad. She has really been there when I needed her, especially in emergency type situations. (Daughter of client)

I find our nurse to be incredibly capable and a very hard worker. She is also a problem solver, an innovative thinker as well as being quite respectful with my 80-year-old father at his care center. I like our nurse to come to the quarterly care conferences at the care center because my 3 siblings live in different cities and they can receive a copy of her report on all we discussed at the conference. This saves me so much time and effort. She also can identify problem areas and discuss possible solutions during our meetings. That way she is also very helpful for the nursing staff! Any way you look at it, my dad gets better care because of Matrix. (Daughter of client)

Matrix people have been extremely helpful! (Attorney for client)

The staff from Matrix are very compassionate. My observance of my mother with Matrix is that they interact with her very well and understand and are patient with her condition. (Daughter of client)

I visit the patient only twice per month, but am on call. I am co-trustee for the Alzheimer’s patient responsible for financial and administrative details. Client’s Care Consultant is an excellent manger. (Trustee for client)

The excellent care provided for my aunt in her 90′s by Matrix AdvoCare has been very beneficial to her. Under their care her quality of life has even improved. Thank you very much. (Nephew of client)

The Matrix advocate and caregivers have been wonderful. (Unknown)

We liked [our nurse] and feel she went out of her way to get things done for us on getting the waiver changed. And followed up on Dr. prescription we need for equipment. [Our nurse] was always so helpful and pleasant to talk with. (Father of a young client)

Matrix has been a lifesaver for us. (Nephew of client)

We’ve worked with [our nurse] and the other HHAs working with mother (and) while they cared for our aunt. The experience was completely satisfactory – beyond what we could have expected. (Niece of client/Daughter of client)

Matrix has provided astute medical care management and loving general care to my parents for several years. I would heartily recommend Matrix to anyone whose loved ones need assistance as they age. (Stephen Holl, Son of clients)

My mom is 400 miles away and I think of her often. Is she happy, safe and eating well. Karen Lawrence and her team give me peace of mind. Thank you. (Daughter of client)

I have been extremely satisfied with Matrix. I am very fond of [my nurse] – she is very efficient in arranging medical appointments and often accompanies me. (Client in St. Louis Park)

A numerical evaluation cannot express the respect we have for [our nurse], nor the extent to which she has made our lives more positive. (Clients in Minneapolis)

The services for (my clients) continue to be stellar. No complaints. Could not do my job without [Matrix nurses] (Trustee for several clients)

Staff treat clients with respect and dignity and are very caring. Questions and concerns are addressed in a very timely manner, very prompt. A special thank you to Karen Lawrence for her excellent service; very caring, goes above and beyond. Has a way with her clients and their family members, always available to assist and handle concerns of the client as well as family members. Thank you Karen for all you do and continue to do for dad. (Daughter of client)

My husband’s Health Advocate was a true life saver! After he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer we were scared and didn’t know where to turn. After great frustration with the health care system and no real answers, we called on a Matrix Health Advocate. She was instrumental in getting him the services he needed and the physician he deserved. Our Health Advocate put us on the right track and on the road to a prompt treatment and then recovery. A year later we are more grateful than ever for the intervention of our Matrix Health Advocate. Without her knowledge it is certain that my husband would not have received the quality healthcare that he did. If we need a health advocate again in the future, we will not hesitate to call on Matrix. (Stacy Richardson, Wife of client)