Is it Time to Hire Home Care for Your Parent?

At various stages of our lives we’ll need a little extra help at home. Maybe it’s after the birth of a baby or career change. The truth is nearly all of us enjoy being at home where things are familiar and comfortable. Our homes hold dear memories and some of our...

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How to Know When Your Aging Parents Need Extra Help

No matter our age the idea of giving up our independence is hard to bear. There will come a time when your parents need more help, but they may be reluctant to let you know. This reluctance is often rooted in denial and the desire to maintain autonomy. Likewise, it’s...

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National Physical Therapy Month: Aging Well for Seniors

October was National Physical Therapy Month, an annual event hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The APTA seeks to highlight the importance of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in our communities. They are recognized for...

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Heat, Humidity and Seniors: How to Stay Healthy and Happy

As temperatures rise, you may find yourself dreaming of cooler days and looking for ways to beat the heat. Hot weather can make us feel lethargic, weak and physically exhausted especially when humidity is present. The situation is worse for seniors. Extreme heat and...

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Stroke Awareness 101: What You Need to Know

With May upon us, many of us are enjoying a break from the cold and the arrival of spring flowers. May is also National Stroke Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to educate yourself on its warning signs, complications and risk factors. A little extra...

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