Disaster / Evacuation Readiness

Items to take with you in case of an emergency requiring evacuation from home.

• Bed sheets, blankets, pillow, folding chair, air mattress if possible.
• medications and supplies such as incontinent products, insulin syringes, etc. for at least 3 days.
• A list of any non portable equipment
• Contact information for your physician, pharmacy, oxygen supplier, Medical equipment provider, etc.
• Orders for medications and treatments and Advance Directives / DNR form if applicable.
• Copy of any specific care needs / directions…
• Your identification and current address.
• Special diet items and non perishable food for 72 hours.
• 1 gallon of water for each person for each 24 hours.
• Glasses, hearing aides and batteries, prosthetics and other assistive devices.
• Personal hygiene items for 72 hours.
• Flashlight and batteries.
• Self-entertainment and recreation items, like books and magazines.

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