Home Safety: Prevention is Key

Essential to avoiding injury and harm is having emergency plans in place before a crisis strikes. Safety plans help everyone prepare to minimize the risk of an emergency happening and then aid everyone involved in quickly addressing a crisis if it occurs.

Topic: Emergency Planning

• Maintain clear, well lit walking paths
• Do not store any items on stairways
• Keep exit doors clear with locks and knobs in working order
• Always have adequate lighting
• Keep flashlights within reach and fully powered
• Keep telephones within reach and powered
• Be able to tune into emergency radio and television alerts
• Prepare and practice fire escape plans including a meeting location outside the home
• If living in an apartment / senior building – be familiar with fire and emergency instructions
• Keep a list of emergency contacts and numbers at each phone or programmed into telephones
• Carry a list of emergency contacts and their phone numbers
• Carry a list of health conditions, medications and allergies
• Maintain a first-aid kit in the home
• Assure the capacity to escape a building if needed or have assistance in doing so
• Assure the ability to bring needed medical equipment and supplies in the event of an evacuation

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