Are You Concerned About A Love One?

Signs & Concerns

Frequent Phone Calls:

  • From your relative who doesn’t remember calling about the same thing
  • From concerned friends or neighbors

Physical Observations:

  • Is physically fragile or unsteady on their feet
  • Has fallen more than once, with or without injury
  • Has lost or gained a significant amount of weight
  • Doesn’t take their medications as prescribed
  • Looks or complains of always feeling fatigued
  • Has dirty clothes, hair or bedding
  • Has accumulated paper, garbage or other items in home
  • Has body odors or odors in their home
  • Has difficulty seeing or hearing well enough to communicate
  • Has unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Has bills or other paperwork accumulating around the house
  • Has many beer cans or liquor bottles in the garbage
  • Has not adequately maintained their home

Psychosocial Observations:

  • Is confused or forgetful
  • Is anxious or depressed
  • Is unable to clearly explain things or describe needs
  • Has had a change in mood or personality
  • Is increasingly isolated and refuses to go out
  • Refuses to go to the doctor or dentist
  • Is newly suspicious of previously trusted relatives
  • Has experienced deterioration of relationships with others


Support Systems:

  • Has recently experienced the death of a spouse, child, partner or pet
  • Has recently lost the right or ability to drive
  • Significant others have moved away
  • Is not involved with friends, neighbors or community