In Home Health Care

Matrix Home Health Care Specialists provide comprehensive extended hour home health care services from 4 to 24 hours-a-day assisting those clients who wish to ‘age in place’ and have all needed services delivered to them at home, wherever home may be. Matrix home health care services are provided by companions, home health aides/certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. Utilizing carefully chosen and fully trained care providers, Matrix Home Health Care Specialists provide individualized care plans formulated by an RN Care Manager in conjunction with the client’s preferences and needs utilizing a ‘team approach’ to more fully assure continuity and the development of therapeutic relationships that promote respectful, safe and quality care. In home health care can be as little as a few hours a month to provide family respite time up to 24-hour care through to the end of life, and anything between, all determined by the client and family’s needs and wishes.

Residential Care

Matrix Residential Care Homes* offer 24-hour care and supervision in a smaller home-like setting conducive to those who benefit from close supervision, immediate assistance and a calm and supportive environment. A residential care home* offers more familiar settings of family living, dining and bedroom spaces that ease the transition to a care setting for clients with cognitive challenges, dementia and chronic health needs. A small and consistent care staff assures close knowledge of each individual’s needs, development of trusting relationships and customization of care routines to enhance each person’s dignity and capability. Residential care home* settings offer the ability to provide care through the end of life thus preventing the need for ongoing moves to higher levels of care.

Care Management

Matrix RN Care Managers provide assessment, care coordination and healthcare advocacy services to older adults and people with disabilities. Matrix RN Care Managers conduct comprehensive objective assessments to evaluate a client’s physiological and overall health needs, psychosocial needs including cognitive and behavioral status, spiritual preferences and support system availability as well as care and supportive service needs. From this evaluation assessment a full written report with detailed recommendations including service provider options needed to accomplish essential support and care is delivered to the client and their family or decision maker with a focus on maximizing each client’s functional status, independence and dignity. Matrix RN Care Managers are available to assist in care coordination and advocacy services customized to each individual’s needs and preferences. Matrix RN Care Managers serve as an essential component in the client’s support circle, communicate with and keep family members up to date and are available to assist in an ongoing basis or provide respite services to family members or crisis intervention and support when requested.

What Hours are Services Provided?

  • Services are provided based on your needs and only with your approval.
  • An RN is on call 24/7 for urgent needs.
  • RN services are provided in visits of about one hour or in visits up to 24 hours per day.
  • LPN visits are provided from 4 to 24 hours daily.
  • Home health aide services are provided from 4 to 24 hours daily.
  • Homemaking services can be provided from 4 to 24 hours daily.

*Residential Care Home not yet available in the St. Cloud area