Our RN Care Management Service

At Matrix Registered Nurses Provide Care Management and Advocacy Services

All Matrix Home Health Care Specialists care management and health care advocacy is done by registered nurses who are at the top of their profession. All have expertise in geriatrics, nursing and health care issues as well as special skills in assessment, care planning, and knowledge of community resources.

Each helps only a small number of clients, which fosters a genuinely deep and therapeutic relationship that is wholly dedicated to meeting client needs. A client’s personal dignity and self-esteem are foremost, especially when decisions and choices are considered.

And, since Care Managers make recommendations, not decisions, they work cooperatively with health care providers and you to develop and implement an appropriate plan of care.

Care Managers Remain Involved for As Long As Necessary

Nursing care management and health care advocacy can be a one-time fix of immediate needs. It can also be an ongoing relationship that ensures a client receives the specific care necessary to optimize quality of life, even if he or she is in a nursing home.

For example, Care Mangers advocate for clients at medical appointments, to assist with research and treatment options, and to assure correct administration of medications, critical if more than one physician is writing prescriptions. They assess and equip living environments for safety. If help is needed with daily activities from grooming to shopping, they find appropriate services. Social needs, such as transportation, companionship and spirituality, are addressed. In other words, Care Managers do what no single service does. No problem is too small or too large for them to resolve.

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We Include You and Support You Every Step of the Way

We know how difficult it can be to face a tough situation alone or have a stranger step in and care for someone you love. So our Care Mangers ensure that you’re integrally involved to the degree you’d like, that you have support throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. They’ll discuss concerns you may have, whether it’s finding an adult day health program or the best residential facility – providing you with other options, arranging transportation and housing or modifying your job so you can return to work. Your Care Manager will work through all the medical, social, psychological, and practical issues that are involved.

An Informational Visit is Provided Free of Charge

The extent to which a Care Manager can enhance quality of life is directly related to how early intervention is sought. Left unattended, small problems have an uncanny way of becoming bigger. Earlier intervention is also highly cost-effective, especially when handled by a knowledgeable Care Manager, and can minimize undue expense.

So if you think that seemingly minor behavioral or physical changes are merely the ‘normal’ aging process, you may want verification through an assessment from a Care Manager. If you are concerned about your health and want to talk with someone who will take your concerns seriously, you can contact a Matrix Care Manager.

We’ll arrange a free, informational visit at a place convenient for you to introduce you to our services and answer your questions. If a Care Manager is retained, we’ll move to the next step.