Recent news from New York and Michigan describes the horror of elderly persons freezing to death in their own homes.  The cause… lack of advocacy and essential services, an inability to care for themselves and obtain needed care assistance.  How can such tragic circumstances happen in 21st century America?  The elderly are particularly high risk because of the vulnerabilities that accompany aging: decreased mobility, social isolation, inability to realize they need assistance and seek needed services, increased risk of hypothermia, and limited financial resources just to name a few.

The mission of Matrix AdvoCare Network/Matrix Team Home Care is to provide care management, home health care, and health advocacy services to disabled persons and older adults.  The services provided will be of the highest professional quality and designed to promote mental and physical well-being, personal dignity, autonomy and independence. Matrix AdvoCare and Matrix Team Home Care are vital resources to minimize the type of tragedy described above and provide essential advocacy and home care services to keep elders safe and healthy.  Matrix Team Home Care’s recent Minnesota Department of Health survey had no deficiencies and reinforces our mission to provide the highest possible quality of care.  The survey results are available for review at:
To assure the vulnerable elder in your life is safe and well cared for, call and speak to a Matrix representative at 952-525-0505 for a free informational visit to learn about the benefits of advocacy for elders and high quality home care.