Matrix Home Health Care Specialists is a privately owned (not franchised) Care Management and Home Health Care business run by a hands-on nationally certified gerontological nurse by the name of Karen Lawrence who is also a Certified Case Manager. Matrix has been providing trusted quality care in Minnesota for over 31 years.

What Is Health Care Management and Advocacy Services? (Think of it like having a secretary along with you at your doctor. appointments taking notes and making sure it is the best case scenario for the outcome you would like.)

Health Care Advocacy Services: Is all about making sure the client’s wishes are met when receiving health care. This includes client/family education and communication, accompaniment to doctor appointments, assistance with health care directives including DNR/DNL options and many other situations where the clients are in need of the advocate.

Our RN Care Managers assess the whole client focusing on these 3 needs.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social

We then work with the client and/or responsible party to develop creative, responsive care plans that maximize each client’s functional status, independence, and dignity.

All our RN Care Managers have expertise in:

  • Geriatrics
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare issues
  • Special skills in assessment
  • Care planning
  • Knowledge of available community resources.

Now that you are starting to grasp the care management part let’s move on to the Home Health Care.

High Quality Trusted Home Health Care

  • We are a Comprehensive licensed home care agency providing a continuum of care options from as little as 4 hours once a month up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • We use a unique team-based approach that minimizes the number of caregivers in the home and enhances the client and caregiver experience.
  • All home caregivers are Matrix employees who are carefully screened and thoroughly trained above and beyond what is required by the state.
  • All Matrix home care clients work with one of our RN Care Managers that develops a Plan of Care in conjunction with the client and family and supervises the home caregivers.
  • The nurse is intimately involved to ensure that home care services are of the highest quality and provided skillfully, respectfully, and safely.

You’re Probably Coming up with Some Questions and Hopefully, We Are About to Answer Them.(This is where we are going in for the deep dive.)

  1. Who actually does the home care?
  2. What kind of people will be coming into ours or our loved ones home?
  3. Are they trained? (see above under ‘high quality trusted home health care’ the number 3 bullet point. I underlined it for you where it says trained above and beyond what is required by the state.) your welcome.

Our caregivers fall into one of the titles below

Basic Home Health Aide:

Basic Home Health Aides provide all the services of the Companion as well as assistance with personal care such as dressing, grooming & bathing, reminders for self-administered medications, cues for exercises and mobility.

Comprehensive Home Health Aide:

Comprehensive Home Health Aides provide all the services of the Basic HHA as well as individualized care delegated by a Registered Nurse including assistance with medication administration, monitoring of vital signs, oxygen use, catheter care, blood glucose monitoring and many other individual care items.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN):

LPNs provide nursing care, medication setup, and administration, injections, IV assistance, dressing & wound care, and a variety of postoperative aid.

RN Supervision:

All Companions, Home Health Aides, and LPNs receive periodic supervision from a Registered Nurse according to Minnesota regulations.

What does a caregiver actually do in my home? (Now that you know who the people are let’s dive into what their responsibilities are according to the care plan that was chosen for you)

The terms underlined are the types of care available from Matrix. These terms describe what our people who care for you are allowed to do.

Personal Care

Providing companionship and personal assistance from homemaking to hands-on care for meeting basic needs.


  • Shopping, errands, and outings
  • Companionship and socialization
  • Escort to events and occasions
  • Homemaking and laundry
  • Meal preparation and dietary assistance
  • Assistance with dressing, grooming, and bathing

Complex Care

Providing for all personal care needs as well as more complex care needs including assisted transfers, medication assistance and delegated nursing tasks.


  • Medication reminders, assistance, setups, and administration (Matrix nurses place medications in containers for clients to take according to physician orders)
  • Delegated nursing care including vital sign monitoring, catheter care, feeding tubes …
  • Specialized diets and feeding assistance
  • Monitoring of chronic conditions and their treatments including:
  • Parkinson’s and related conditions
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • Arthritis and mobility challenges
  • COPD, Heart conditions, stroke and more

Comprehensive Assessment

Experienced Registered Nurses objectively providing comprehensive assessments for determining needs, provide options for level of care, and suggestions for residential options.

  • A comprehensive report with professional recommendations
  • Care plan development (A personalized care plan is developed based on the overall evaluation. Care plans are designed in conjunction with the physician and family members to promote independence and dignity for the client)
  • Court testimony
  • Support for professionals (Guardians, Conservators, Bankers, Attorneys…)

Care Management

Registered Nurses experienced in the care of seniors and adults with disabilities providing service coordination, accompaniment to appointments, communication with families and enhanced dignity for clients


  • Medication management including prescription refills and medication setups
  • Scheduled visits for monitoring of complex conditions
  • As needed visits for events, changes in condition, urgent matters
  • Coordination between medical providers and ancillary services
  • Assurance of clear communication between all authorized parties

Memory Care

Providing skilled and knowledgeable care to those with cognitive impairment, memory challenges, and related functional challenges.

  • Safe, calm and nurturing environments
  • Meeting all physical and nursing care needs
  • Assuring nutrition and hydration needs are met
  • Minimizing risk and managing challenging behaviors
  • Risk reduction and promoting enhanced safety

24-Hour Live-In Care

Live-in caregivers stay at the client’s home for several days in a row. They provide care during the day and evening hours and sleep during the night.

Respite Care

Providing opportunities and support, so that family member and family caregivers to rest, travel, work and maintain optimal life balance and wellness.

  • Assistance for travel and special occasions
  • Regular and ongoing respite for family caregivers
  • Scheduled and on-call vacation coverage support
  • Compliment care long-term to assist families

Extended Hour End of Life Care

Providing experienced and skilled care at the end of life to promote comfort, enhancing their dignity and allowing family members to have respite. We work closely with your hospice provider to help assure clients reside where they wish and have compassionate care and support.

Even though we discussed end of life care it’s not over there is still another really great service to tell you about.


Grace Homes – Residential Care homes for Seniors (they are residential care homes but feel like a family home. It’s a group of people who need some extra care but don’t want to be in a “nursing home” so they all live together like roommates in a residential home. We throw in some excellent caregivers, add some reputable registered nurses, make sure it happens 24/7 and presto! You’ve got yourself a residential care home where you don’t have just to survive but thrive while still doing things you love. You can live your life wholeheartedly till the very end.)

We offer 24/7 care provided by healthcare professionals and support staff who are specially trained to manage the unique needs of residents living with memory loss and cognitive decline. We focus on providing a safe, familiar and stimulating family home environment. We are conveniently located on Oakridge Road, at the intersection of Hwy 7 and Oakridge Road in Hopkins, MN.

Our Caregivers Are Specially Trained in Memory Care

All of our caregivers at Grace Homes are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and are specially trained in memory care. Newly hired staff complete 8 training sessions on dementia before caring for our residents. Our team receives training on a regular basis on the most up-to-date information on how to best work with seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Below is a description of each of our homes. There is two side by side in Hopkins, MN. and one in Burnsville, MN.

Grace Homes – Oakridge

Oakridge is an 8 bedroom residential care home serving up to 9 seniors and persons with disabilities? We can accommodate residents with Parkinson’s, COPD, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cognitive challenges or dementia, chronic healthcare challenges, and persons with disabilities including those who require a 2-person transfer or mechanical lift. This rambler home is set on an acre lot nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood surrounded by mature pine trees in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Grace Homes – Wilshire Walk

Wilshire is a 5 bedroom residential care home for seniors with Parkinson’s, COPD, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cognitive challenges or dementia, and other chronic healthcare challenges. This rambler home located next door to Grace Homes – Oakridge.

Grace Homes – Walnut Lodge

Walnut Lodge is a 5 bedroom residential care home for seniors providing expert, comprehensive care in a home-like environment. Offering assisted living services that allow our residents to enjoy activities and independence, with the comfort of knowing on-site health care and personal assistance is there when they need it. Walnut Lodge is ideal for people with chronic health needs, cognitive challenges, or dementia, and end of life transition.

We are still going deeper and deeper. Hang in there we are about to wrap it up!

What services do the Residential Care Homes Provide? (This list makes me want to reserve my spot now!)

Memory Care

Our memory care home focuses on the individual person and providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating environment. Our staff is trained to value each senior and to recognize the different tastes, preferences, and needs at each stage of their lives.

Providing care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments can be challenging, but we have created an environment that works. We recognize that memory loss affects every resident (and their loved ones) differently, so our focus is on understanding each individual senior and providing care they respond to positively. Our staffing ratio of a minimum of 1 Certified Nursing Assistant per 5 residents on duty at all times allows us to give this individual attention.

Food By Chef Lori Hossli

Lori grew up in a small rural town in southern MN with 4 brothers and 1 sister. She has been cooking and baking all her life and knows what it is like having to feed a crowd.

Her first restaurant job as a hotel dishwasher gave her the opportunity to get her feet wet working in a fast paced environment. She attended Winona State University before realizing the college world was not a good fit.

Lori joined AmeriCorps Southern Minnesota where she had her first experience working with the elderly affected by Alzheimer’s. She joined the activity staff at St. Anne’s Hospice and had the opportunity to interact, sing, bake, do crafts, play games and dance with the residents – an experience of a lifetime.

Lori enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu at the Brown Institute in Mendota Heights where she earned her certificate in culinary arts. She interned at Kincaid’s in Bloomington – leaving as the Senior Training Sous Chef after 10 years. She then became the Executive Kitchen Manager at Houlihan’s Chanhassen and Richfield locations for 5 years.

“Stepping away from the restaurant business and pursuing a career that really means something to both the residents I cook for and me is an opportunity that I am forever grateful.”


Our residents are able to participate in exercise daily in the morning in a group exercise class. Indoor and outdoor walks are also provided for our ambulatory residents.

Massage Therapy

Our residents are offered full or partial body massages monthly for those choosing this service.

Minimal Medication

Our residents feel better and are more engaged when they take only those prescription drugs that are absolutely necessary for their health. All medications are routinely reviewed by the health care team to determine their necessity. Unnecessary drugs are weaned under the physician’s guidance.

Pet Therapy

Trained and certified therapy dogs, along with a therapy rabbit and other pocket pets routinely interact with residents. Lexi, a grey cat, lives in Oakridge and there is a large bird aviary at Wilshire Walk. Well-behaved dogs visit both homes regularly.


Our Activities Director Sherry leads interactive music sessions with the accordion and singing 1-2 times a week. We also have various musicians who regularly perform including Barbara Lee Friedman of Music Memories and multiple groups from the community.


Are provided periodically to attractions in the area. Past outings have included Dairy Queen, fishing at Lake Riley off a pontoon boat, and lunch at Monka Beans in downtown Hopkins.

Social Engagement and Household Chores

We provide daily planned activities for resident engagement. Some residents also help with daily chores including laundry folding and fetching the mail, which increases self-esteem and aids in delaying cognitive decline. Planned activities include music therapy, baking, flower planting, holiday decorating, birthday parties and Happy Hour with beverages, appetizers, socializing and music.

Spiritual Support

Local clergy visit on a regular basis to provide various spiritual services to our residents who are of different faith backgrounds. We welcome and support residents from all religious backgrounds.

And there you have it. You just completed the comprehensive guide to all services that Matrix/Grace homes proudly provides. Let us know if we can help you in any way or if you’d like to join our team!

“We’re here for you.”

Matrix Home Health Care Specialists & Grace Homes



To learn more about joining our team and providing compassionate care services:

Please direct any specific inquiries to Elizabeth, our HR Manager, by calling 952-525-0505.