Care: the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

This is one definition of the word care because there are many and all are nice but this one seemed to embody exactly what the Senior healthcare industry is referring to when speaking of Care and Caregiving.

Giving a care’ means you take the time to help someone or something be at their highest level of function. For instance, we all have objects in our lives that we care more about than others.  Some people keep their shoes in impeccable shape. Cleaning them off after they have walked in the rain or stepped in mud, polishing them on a regular basis, and always store them in the same spot. This is normal behavior for someone who ‘gives a care’ about their shoes.  Some people walk in a puddle with a new pair of shoes and don’t think twice about it. They don’t ‘give a care’ about their shoes. Neither one is better than the other merely pointing out the difference in ‘giving a care’ and not giving one. The variances of care towards things varies vastly from person to person and usually has to do with their past experiences and beliefs.

Let us direct your focus to people caring about people. Some people are more apt to care for people than others.  In general, most people do care about the welfare of other people.  We are biologically programmed not to bring harm to one another. I’m sure you are thinking that as humans we hurt each other all the time and we do but that’s another blog for another time. Humans have to dehumanize another person or group of people in order to bring another human harm. Unfortunately, this happens all the time and Interestingly it always starts with language a.k.a. name calling. This is a big reminder that words matter and to always speak kindly.

We here at Matrix are interested in the people who DO ‘give a care.’

We look for people who authentically ‘give a care’.  People who notice when another person, whether they know them or not, needs something.  People whose natural inclination is to either get it for that person or make it easier for their needs to be met. People who understand that being in service to another is not a selfless act but in fact a selfish act.  Selfish because the person giving understands they are the ones getting way more than the person receiving. When you are a giver the Universe sees to it you are rewarded… The Universe keeps perfect books.

5 character traits Matrix Home Health Care Specialists & Grace Homes look for in a Caregiver.

We look for people who are attentive to join our big-hearted team.  Having ATTENTIVENESS means being observant and perceptive to the needs of others. Aware of changes that are taking place around them and have the ability to notice emotional or physical changes in the person they are caring for. It is extremely important to be able to notice changes even if they are subtle because a caregiver could be caring for someone who isn’t able to communicate what is happening to them.

Another trait that interests us here at Matrix Home Health Care Specialists and Grace Homes is PATIENCE. It makes a giant impact not only how our clients receive their care but also on the caregiver’s well-being in general. Being patient means that a person understands that things may or may not go at a pace that meets expectations.  Things could be going fast or things could be going slower, but the person has the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, disruption of plans, and/or schedule without getting angry or upset.  An example of this trait being used correctly would be when a caregiver is assisting a client with transferring from a chair to a wheelchair and the client is moving extremely slow and taking up time. Getting upset because the next task needs to be done is not patience. Letting them move at the pace that is comfortable for them because ultimately the client is the most important and knowing that all will get done in due time is. We like patient people so much we even have a caregiver with the name Patience.

Having compassion and being a COMPASSIONATE person is probably the cornerstone characteristic of being a Caregiver.  If there is no compassion there is more than likely no Caregiving. Compassion is the ability to have genuine care and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.  This needs no explanation and may as well be the definition of the word Caregiver. It is crucial for Matrix Home Healthcare Specialists and Grace Homes that a caregiver has compassion and practice it.

We truly understand how crucial DEPENDABILITY is.  To be a dependable person one must be able to be relied upon and counted on. Always do what they say they are going to do and never make promises they cannot keep. It takes a lot more courage to admit you cannot do something than it does to receive the praise knowing you’ve offered an empty promise. Dependability could make or break a career.

Last but not least we have TRUSTWORTHINESS. When a client is about to let a stranger care for them we here at Matrix Home Health Care Specialists and Grace Homes do everything in our power to find people who will not take advantage of the person they are caring for.  They must be able to be trusted with access to personal belongings and valuables.  Trustworthiness is an extremely valued trait in Caregiving and one that is a true measure of integrity.

These traits are not only good for us searching for caregivers but can be used to decide who gets to be a part of your life as well.  Everyone we hold close to us should have these qualities or at least aspire to them. No one is all of these things all of the time because we are human. That being said there is a difference in someone who is trying to live up to these characteristics and someone who just doesn’t  ‘give a care.’

If any of these traits feel like you then you are more than likely a natural born CAREGIVER. You should work for Matrix Home Health Care specialists in one of our client’s homes or at Grace Homes in one of our three Residential Care Homes.

We would love to get to know you and help you share your gifts with those who need caring, compassionate caregivers to help fulfill our clients’ needs so they can enjoy the highest quality of life.


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