Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance plans offer clients the ability to afford personal care assistance in their later years or sooner if they have chronic or debilitating medical conditions.  LTC policies offer the possibility of significant financial savings when a client requires hands-on personal care.  Whether living at home and having home health care or utilizing the services in a skilled care facility; understanding the services covered by individual policies and the requirements for activating policy coverage as well as providing sufficient documentation of care needs are essential.

Clients who might qualify for and find LTC Insurance valuable are those clients that:

  • have significant assets and income they want to protect.
  • have income sufficient to pay the long-term premiums.
  • wish to assure their future care needs will not become a financial burden to their spouse or family.
  • wish to have a choice in where and how their future care will be provided.

Once a client needs assistance for personal care needs, Matrix AdvoCare Network can assist in determining level of care and identifying resources to provide that care. Matrix RN Care Managers are able to provide a comprehensive assessment related to needed assistance for Activities of Daily Living including dressing, bathing, grooming, transferring, toileting, ambulating and eating. Most LTC policies require a person to be dependent for assistance in at least 2 Activities of Daily Living and meet other criteria necessary to utilize their policy coverage.

Most LTC Insurance companies require a nurse’s validation of the level of care assistance needed and provided.  Matrix Team Home Care can provide in-home care that may qualify for reimbursement from a LTC policy as well as the ongoing RN documentation of the level of care needed.