The Problem:

In this youth-worshipping society, the signs of aging are anything but desired.  Hearing aids, bifocals and trifocals with lines, canes, walkers, and even gray hair are avoided.  For people who need these assistive devices, however, not using needed aids will exacerbate problems with hearing, vision and mobility.

The Solution:

Seniors and those who care about them should take advantage of all the technology available to maximize hearing, vision, and mobility.  New, computer programmed hearing aids are nearly invisible, and can be made to squelch background noise and amplify hearing in different settings.  Glasses and contact lenses are attractive enough to be fashionable, and those needing bifocal or trifocal lenses can consider the “lineless” varieties.  Mobility enhancing devices such as canes, walking sticks, and assorted types of walkers can prevent fall and fractures, which would limit function and mobility.  When seniors are reluctant to obtain or use assistive devices, a geriatric Care Manger can be effective in learning why the senior is resisting and providing information and encouragement for a trial of the device. 

Matrix Advocare Network is a provider of geriatric nursing care mangement services serving the Twin Cities metro and surrounding communites.  Matrix Team Home Care provides in home health care services from 4-24 hours a day.