Mistake #9:  Not Participating in Prevention Programs

The Problem:

Many prevention programs are available to reduce the incidence of health problems, but they aren’t effective unless they are used.  Some seniors don’t take advantage of these programs because they aren’t aware of them, and others don’t understand the benefits.

The Solution:

Seniors should avail themselves of all illness prevention programs.  These include the following programs and services:

  • Immunizations for pneumonia, hepatitis (if traveling), and influenza
  • Cancer screenings for men and women-PSA, mammograms, PAP smears, etc.
  • Bone density screenings
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Screening programs for diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Vision and hearing screening programs

geriatric care manger can advocate for seniors in helping them identify prevention programs that would best meet their needs and can also assist with the arrangements for these programs.