If you are concerned about your parents or elderly relatives, there is likely a valid reason for your concern. These Early Warning Signs should alert you to possible problems, and identifying a problem is the first step to solving it.

Warning Sign #1: Frequent Phone Calls

  • Calls from your relative who doesn’t remember calling about the same thing.

– Are they confused or disoriented?

– Is this new or different behavior? 

– Are they able to communicate their needs?

– Are they capable of living alone or being alone?

– Are they safe?

  • Calls from concerned friends or neighbors.

– What are they noticing that warrants concern?

– How long has this been happening?

– Are similar concerns being voiced by a variety of friends or neighbors?

– What are they experiencing that indicates the elder is struggling? 

– Who else are they notifying about their concerns?

Matrix AdvoCare Network has been helping seniors and their families with these types of questions and concerns for 25 years. Matrix RN Care Managers help by identifying the senior’s care needs through professional Geriatric Care Management and Health Care Advocacy by providing you with an individualized plan of care and recommendations on how to best resolve issues and concerns to maximize independence and dignity.