Noticing the following physical observations may indicate that your parent or elderly relative needs healthcare advocacy, visiting nurse services or home care assistance. If you are concerned about your parents or elderly relatives, there is likely a valid reason for your concern. These Early Warning Signs should alert you to possible problems, and identifying a problem is the first step to solving it.


Warning Sign: Unsteadiness and Falls

  • Relative  or loved one is physically fragile and/or unsteady on their feet.

– The elder needs to hold on to furniture or walls to steady self while walking

– The elder is walking less because they are unsteady

– The elder refuses to use assistive devices like canes or walkers

– The elder does not go up or down stairs any longer for fear of falling

– The elder is not going out of the home as they are physically frail

  • Loved one has fallen more than once, with or without injury.

– Falls are witnessed or un-witnessed

– Falls are suspected because unexplained injuries are occurring

– There are unexplained bruises, cuts and openings in the skin

– The elder minimizes the seriousness of their falls

– Repeat emergency room visits are occurring due to fall injuries

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