"I visit the patient only twice per month, but am on call. I am co-trustee for the Alzheimer's patient responsible for financial and administrative details. Client's Care Consultant is an excellent manger."

- Trustee for Client

What Makes Us Different

Our Ownership – Matrix is owned by a hands-on Register Nurse with a Master’s degree in Nursing and over 30 years of experience in gerontological nursing and end-of-life care. You can rely on her expertise and leadership of our team to help guide you through the complexities of your loved one’s aging process or help manage those living with disabilities.

Our Relationship With You – We strive to build a lasting relationship with each client and their family. We are your eyes, ears and assistance– this is especially vital if  you live apart from your loved one.

Our Caregivers – We set high expectations for our caregivers and ensure they have current certifications and on-going training to provide your loved one with the highest quality of care.

Our Availability – We operate 24 hours a day 365 days per year. We provide continuous information, nursing and staffing support because we know that life doesn’t only happen during “normal business hours.”

At Matrix, We’re There for You!

For a Consultation or Information Contact Us at 952-525-0505 or 800-560-0961

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