Care Management

Nursing Care Management and Health Care Advocacy involves assessing our client’s physical, mental, and social needs, then developing an individualized plan of care to meet them, be they small or large, medical or practical.

We will make referrals to appropriate services, and coordinate, evaluate, and adjust them as needed. We also provide ongoing monitoring, advocacy and assistance which can mean the difference for our clients being able to remain home and safe while their family is reassured that someone is close by and available for any need that may arise.

For Seniors

The ‘golden years’ are aptly named for many seniors, the season in life when freedom, resources, and the wisdom of experience come together. Aging can also have a painful side, the signs of which you may be seeing in someone you love. They can be as fleeting as a trembling hand, as heart-rending as a vacant stare, as upsetting as incontinence, or as debilitating as dementia.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. More Americans than ever before are living decades after retirement. This, coupled with changes in the health care system, means that seniors are less likely to have strong connections to primary health providers. They’re also less likely to have local family members to turn to for support. All of these factors pose critical questions. We can help you address these changes.

For Family Members

Regardless of the symptoms or their cause, one thing is sure, watching someone you love decline because of aging isn’t easy, especially when their quality of life is diminished. Today many family members live apart from their elderly parents, are caring for young families, and have full time careers all at the same time. Our Care Managers can assist you by being your eyes, ears and assistance when your loved one’s needs change from time to time or day to day.

Our Care Managers

  • Visit your elder regularly and evaluate their overall condition, health and well-being.
  • Assure supportive services are working out and completing needed tasks.
  • Evaluate health conditions and vital signs and monitor and assist with medication management.
  • Accompany an elder to the emergency room to assure the elder receives the needed care intervention and follow-up care whether returning home or being admitted to the hospital.
  • Accompany an elder to MD appointments to facilitate continuity of care.
  • Keep family members up to date in a detailed fashion so that they can rest assured.
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For Others

Seniors are not the only group of individuals that benefit from nursing care management and health care advocacy services. Those with disabilities and those who have acute and chronic illnesses are also finding these services an important and valuable part of their health care management. Often individuals are facing undiagnosed symptoms, need access to broad information about their condition, their diagnosis and their treatment options. With the limitations and constraints imposed on physicians and consumers by managed care organizations, many people do not receive all the necessary information to make informed decisions about their health care.

Leading Nursing Care Management, Health Care Advocacy and Private Home Health Care Provider in the Twin Cities

Who can you turn to for help – or even know when to seek it? You can turn to us. Matrix Home Health Care Specialists is the leading private sector nursing care management and health care advocacy organization in the Twin Cities. Since 1987 Matrix has been providing care management, health advocacy and home healthcare services for seniors, people with disabilities, and people with acute chronic illness. Because Matrix is not affiliated with other providers and does not receive any compensation for referrals to providers, clients are assured that their Care Manager and Health Care Advocate is acting strictly in their best interest.

The Results are Positively Life-Giving

Few of us would try to deal with a legal or medical situation on our own – we would call in experts. Our Matrix Home Healthcare Specialists Care Manager is an expert both on aging, geriatrics and getting things done, and can provide unparalleled support of the highest integrity for seniors and others who need help. Our interventions frequently extend clients’ lives, and nearly always improve the quality of their lives. In essence, Matrix Home Health Care Specialists can make the difference of a lifetime.