Matrix AdvoCare Network and Matrix Team Home Care never accepts compensation or incentive payments for any care recommendations provided to a client.  Some agencies make referrals to specific residential locations and service providers because they receive compensation from the receiving agency.

As Matrix has been providing “care management” services for over twenty years which includes making recommendations and referrals to other agencies and residences without request for compensation to do so, we believe that objectively identifying and addressing a client’s needs is of the highest priority in providing holistic, client-focused care.  As such we also believe that it is essential to remain objective when providing recommendations for each individual.

Identifying the most appropriate residential options for any client is based upon the client’s care and safety needs, the client’s socialization and support needs, how the client’s financial means and geographic preferences guide the possible options and how the recommended residences can best meet all identified needs. An objective assessment and determination of needs assures that the recommendations are made not due to compensation for the referral but are based upon the client’s needs and the professional skill and knowledge of the Care Manager.

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