An Ounce of Prevention is Worth it’s Weight in Gold!
  • Do you know a senior who is fiercely independent?
  • Are they aware of any challenges or concerns that others have noted in them? 
  • Are they sure they can manage alone and refuse any assistance?

Geriatric Care Managers are specialized RNs who can work with a senior to determine if all of their health, safety and care needs are being met. The Care Manager can identify needs, connect the senior with resources and assist the senior to develop a plan that maximizes safety and independence.

Assuring preventive measures are in place minimizes the risk of health complications, falls, exploitation and other situations that the senior may not be expecting.  In turn the senior has an active role in making decisions about their needs and care and they improve their ability to function independently.  An ounce of prevention also allows the senior to remain in their home pursuing activities and interests they enjoy.

To assure the overly independent senior is functioning as well as possible, call and speak to someone at Matrix AdvoCare Network today at 952-525-0505 for a free informational visit to learn about the benefits of providing ‘an ounce of prevention.’
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