Today we have more choices for medical alert systems that ever. However, the number of options on the market can certainly feel daunting. When you’re searching for a system to protect your loved one’s well-being, knowing what to look for is paramount.

Make the process of finding a high-quality, trustworthy medical alert system easier with these helpful hints.

Look for Automatic Detection Features

Medical alert systems have greatly advanced in the last decade. Many systems now come equipped with automatic detection features. These features automatically call for help if the person wearing the device falls or if the device detects the presence of carbon monoxide and/or smoke.

Prioritize Ease of Use 

Of course, there’s little use in a medical alert system that you can’t actually use. Look for a system that’s user-friendly. There should be options for both wristbands and pendants.

The actual range of the system should be quite extensive and function from any part of the home (including the backyard or driveway). Be sure to test the range as soon as you receive the system.

Read and Reread the Reviews

Browsing customer reviews is certainly one of the best ways to determine just how well (or not so well) medical alert systems work. Take time to read through several reviews, looking for comments on ease of use, customer service, support, and billing. Just about every medical alert system will seem great during the buying process. But just how accessible is their team when you need them the most? These customer reviews will give you an up-close-and-personal look at how they truly operate their business.

Be sure to check out a variety of reviews sites especially those on websites unaffiliated with medical alert system companies. You may find that the reviews on company websites are edited or filtered in some way.

Insist On an Independent Monitoring Center in the United States

We can’t stress enough how important this qualification is to choosing your medical alert system. When you or your loved one makes a call for help, you want to be connected to an independent monitoring center in the United States. Too often, people find that their medical alert system calls are actually routed to catch-all call centers that may have little to do with medical emergencies.

Companies with independent monitoring centers take their business and their customers seriously. Put this qualification at the top of your list.

Make Sure You Understand the Contract

Unfortunately, some medical alert systems do contain hidden fees. You might find yourself being charged extra for a false alarm and roped into a long-term contract. To avoid having to cancel your plan and start from square one, get as much information as possible up front.

Be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long is the contract?
  • What are the cancellation fees?
  • Do you have a month-to-month option?
  • Will I be charged for false alarms? If so, how much?
  • Is there any reason my plan could be dropped or terminated?
  • Can I buy or lease the system?
  • If I choose to lease the system, what are the terms of use?

For recommendations on choosing the medical alert system that is right for your situation, read this article ‘The Best Medical Alert Systems’ from, or view the Complete Guide to Medical Alert Systems, published by the National Council for Aging Care.

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